Sharapova Denied 2017 French Open Qualifying

Maria Sharapova Not Granted 2017 French Open Qualifying
IBTimes India

Maria Sharapova once again became a major newsmaker. On the eve of all we were talking about the Russian tennis player. First French Tennis Federation announced its decision on the “wild card” in the “Roland Garros”, and then, it is literally 15 minutes, Sharapova she entered the court, and an hour later appeared, leading the account. Personal injury we still know little. Maria at the beginning of the third set match against Mirjana Lucic-Baroni in the second round of the tournament in Rome, left the court and returned to him with a bandage on his left hip. Move normally, she could not, and shook hands with her opponent with the score 2: 1 in their favor. “I apologize for what has been forced to pull out due to a left thigh injury. I will pass all the necessary tests to make sure that I have nothing serious. I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to play again on this special tournament,”- words upset Sharapova after such an unexpected match.

Of course, we wish Maria a speedy recovery. When she play again? The answer to this question is no. “Wild Card” Russian woman ready to provide tournaments in Strasbourg and Nuremberg, which will be held next week. The most curious thing that the championship in Strasbourg holds French Tennis Federation. The same organization that refused to issue an invitation to Mary even in the qualification of “Roland Garros”. The news that Sharapova did not play in Paris, has become for many a shock. It seems that there is a choice between two options: “wild card” in the qualification or foundation. Of course, the second option would be preferable, but we would agree on first. Why option with non-admission was the third highest degree of probability? Because Mary met with the President of the Tennis Federation of France Bernard Gyudichelli then he told the press that the talks were productive, although the details and did not go.

Announcement Live

However, at about 19:10 local time, Mr Gyudichelli announced the decision: Sharapova in Paris will not play. Especially for ads by this verdict FTF organized a live broadcast in the “Facebook”. This, too, was an indirect indication that Mary still be allowed. If the decision is negative, you can announce it in a conventional manner without unnecessary noise and such intrigues. Yes, the president of the federation still called the names of all the tennis players, who will be granted “wild card”, but let’s be honest, this information was interesting units. Anyway, to organize an entire broadcast for this is not exactly worth it.

Maria Sharapova vows to rise again after being denied wildcard
Bleacher Report

Incidentally, it is interesting that in the qualification received a “wild card” a local tennis player Maxime Lestienne Constant, who served a suspension for betting. Is not there a double standard? Gyudichelli, explaining the refusal to grant Mary’s invitation, said that his organization can not invite tennis after a doping suspension. “I’m sorry that Maria did not speak at the” Roland Garros “, I’m sorry for her fans, but we can give a” wild card “tennis players returning from injury, but not after a doping suspension. We must respect the spirit of fair play. We look forward to seeing it on the “Roland Garros”, when she gets to the tournament rated. “Well, Maxime Lestienne not caught for doping, but “the spirit of fair play,” he also has not adhered to.

Double Standards

Known journalist Ben Rothenberg announced the decision FTF one of the tennis players, who requested anonymity. That decision clearly delighted and added that 99% of the tour players are against Sharapova, but are afraid to express it. The irony is that this very tennis afraid to give his name. It was not exactly Kristina Mladenovic, French just openly commented on the news. “I thought so. Our federation headed by a president who has character, “- said the Frenchwoman. Foreign tennis players have responded so far few. Novak Djokovic, for example, supported Mary: “Obviously, it’s disappointing news for her, but there were circumstances. At some tournaments, she will receive the “wild card” for some – no. Alas, it did not receive a special invitation to the “Grand Slam” tournament, which, of course, is of great importance to her. Mary will have the hard way back. After such a long absence from the tour she had to be patient to gradually regain its rating and return to the level to which it corresponds. ”

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaliy Mutko raised the issue of double standards. “I want to tell Mary that everything comes back, it takes time. The organizers have the right to invite or not invite, but their solution is, of course, I do not understand. After Mary had already served a suspension in accordance with the rules, it is allowed to compete. And then start double standards. Already it is no secret that meldonium still not fully understood. Mary once again I say: do not need to be upset, everything will return to normal. She will participate in most tournaments, will regain the ratings. And until someone hedged, this should be treated calmly. ” Pay attention to the phrase about the fact that Maria left for disqualification. Indeed, in the ITF does not provide for additional penalties to athletes who returned to the tour. Formally, any event has the right to invite or not to invite one or another tennis player, but non-admission Sharapova is connected with the fact that she missed 15 months due to the use of meldonium. This means that it is punished after the end of the disqualification. Doubt that the level of two-time champion of the game, “Roland Garros” deserves to be among the owners, not even at the haters Mary “wild card.”

Repeated Punishment

It was this thought has developed head WTA Stiv Saymon: “The provision of” wild card “athletes occurs at the discretion of the tournament organizers. I fully support the players who have received the invitation and wish them luck. We expect a very interesting two weeks at the “Roland Garros”. What I disagree with is the wording of FFT in their decision on Maria Sharapova. She completely surrendered to the verdict, which rendered the CAS, and complied all conditions. There is no reason to punish the player of the expiry of the sanctions. ”

Enough firmly expressed Anna Chakvetadze : “It is a shock! I was sure that Sharapova will get a “wild card” in the qualifications. There were questions about the main draw, there is quite a controversial story. The fact that she was not given any “wild card” – is a complete failure. Sharapova – a famous athlete, and many fans bought tickets to see it Masha. This is a blow for vseh.Chto for the “Wimbledon”, it seems to me that the organizers will be time to think what to do. We must understand that Sharapova won twice, “Roland Garros”, and in spite of all this history with doping, it deserves performances in the qualifying stages.”

More diplomatic stance Shamil Tarpishchev, but he believes that in the FTF did wrong: “You have to reckon with the opinion of the organizers – it is them to decide whom to give” wild card “, and who does not. In Rome and in Stuttgart decided to give Mary a special invitation, and is decided otherwise, this must be considered. But my personal opinion is that the organizers of the “Roland Garros” done wrong. Sharapova won twice this tournament, the athlete with an impeccable reputation, she is a role model for many athletes.”

“If the vice-president of OFWs do not touch these problems, it is the bottom”

Who defended the Gyudichelli? Yevgeny Kafelnikov. The fact that the vice-president of the Russian Tennis Federation is not an ardent fan of Mary, has long been known. We can recall his words, which caused a great stir in March 2016, when he commented on the decision to disqualify Sharapova. This time Kafelnikov said: “Roland Garros” above all else – and Sharapova and Federer, the organizers of this show. Hard to say how this decision will hit Maria, it is better to ask this question. You yourself must realize that tennis – is not only Maria Sharapova, or, say, Roger Federer. It is also the other tennis players. Imagine what would happen if, say, on Monday before the start of the tournament all the players will decide to boycott the event, believing that doping in sport is inappropriate. Because the organizers thought everything carefully weighed and made this decision.”


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